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Author Topic: ABI Research: 'Moto X Outpaces Competition with New Innovations'  (Read 1393 times)

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ABI Research, a major market research firm completed issued a research note today based on their analysis of the Moto X phone by Motorola and the results are quite interesting.  Saying the 'Moto X Outpaces Competition with New Innovations' and most impressively 'Google (Motorola Mobility) trumps Apple in engineering design and creativity'.   In fact, in a direct attack on the red fruit company and their two new phones, the firm says that both the iPhone 5s and 5c show only minor improvements while the Moto X 'shows a number of creative engineering solutions'. 

Innovations singled out in the Moto X include the always-on voice commands, ergonomic form factor and a much underrated display and the firm goes on to say these innovations and others 'set the Moto X a step above the rest'.  Jim Mielke, VP of engineering at ABI Research comments further:

“Features like always-on voice commands typically would draw too much current to be practical, but the Moto X accomplishes the task with 4.5mA allowing the phone to maintain over 200hrs of standby time. The display is a bigger surprise though—the Moto X display draws 68mA at low output levels and only 92mA at high output levels, making it a new standard for high output level current drain.” The iPhone 5s draws 80mA and 220mA (~2.5 times as much as the Moto X) while sporting 20% fewer pixels.

It goes on to say that over the past two years Apple has faded in the areas of solid engineering, creative features and timely introduction but that Motorola as of 2013 marks the start of another company this rare combination of traits.  There's more at the link below but overall this is the second article we've seen today...the first at CNN/MoneyTech and now Forbes citing this ABI report that calls attention to the varied strong points of the Moto Xs outstanding design.

ABI Research

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