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Author Topic: Android Authority Reviews The Moto X: Is it worth the price? Absolutely.  (Read 1058 times)

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Kris Wouk from Android Authority gives us a nice in-depth written as well as video review (above) and surprise!...he really loves the Moto X.  Calling it a 'solid device' and stressing that it is 'unique in that it focuses on what it actually does than simply providing the specs and focusing on what it could do.'  Some of the highlights includes his comments that the display is very sharp and vivid and that this really helps performance.  Speaking of which he shows of the active display technology.  As for performance, Antutu scores came out extremely high with scores in the 18,600  range.  Everything was always smooth with minimal lag.  Gaming performance was excellent without a hitch in any game.  There's a relative lack of bloatware or skin with the OS experience being mostly stock Android with some simple interface enhancements.  He was very taken with the notifications using the active display and even says that he'll hate having to use the power button when he goes back to other phones.  As for battery life...Kris actually thinks that 24hrs is on the low end.  Very impressive.  There's a lot more so fire up the video review above and you can read the full written review at the link below.

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