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Author Topic: Another XFON Is Certified By The FCC With US Cellular Compatible LTE Onboard  (Read 1528 times)

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Another day, another XFON with a different wireless protocol goes through the FCC, today's being model XT1055 which runs on LTE band 12, compatible with U.S. Cellular..  Previously we've seen models compatible with Verizon (Model XT1060), Sprint (Model XT1056) and AT&T(Model 1058).    Hardware specs are rumored (and confirmed in one FCC doc I've seen) to be an S4 Pro running at 1.7GHz, 720p screen, 2GB ram, 16MB storage, 10mp rear camera and 2mp front.   Now while the hardware specs appear to be modest the word is that these phones will include some pretty advanced sensor and software technology that will be contextually aware of what you plan to do with your phone at any moment leading to some nifty features like the phone automatically going to photo mode if pulled out at certain locations or perhaps calling your mum at a certain time of the day. :)  We're still not 100% sure if the XFON is the same as the 'Moto X' hero device or if they are in fact two different devices but rest assured as soon as we get confirmation we'll let you know.


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