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Author Topic: AT&T A Go For Moto X Launch On Aug 23rd w/ In-Store Moto X Design Studio  (Read 1281 times)

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If you've been jonesing for a customized Moto X and been dreaming of those 18 different back colors well you've only got another week to go.  AT&T will be going live with the Moto X on August 23rd, and will have an In-Store Moto X Design Studio to help you get an idea of your options.  Now some lucky Moto X pre-regsiters will actually be able to start their Moto X process as early as August 19th and for a limited time you'll get a 'SKIP' NFC unlock clip in one of a variety of colors thrown in for free (a $19.99 list price).  Now not every AT&T store will feature a Design Studio table like the one above...but some will.  Again, AT&T will have an exclusive on the custom Moto X customizations for the first few months, but Verizon, Sprint and the rest will be following as we approach the holidays.  Below we've also included a walk-through that Slashgear put up today of the Motomaker site.  As you can see, all the colors and trim options are available as well as custom engraving and even case and headphone options.  What's still missing are the wood backed options which we expect to see later in the fall...perhaps just in time for Big Red, Spint, US Cellular and T-Mobile to offer them...

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