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Author Topic: AT&T MOTO X Drops To $99 On Motomaker Site W/Contract - Sprint, US Cellular Also  (Read 2145 times)

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Well it looks like the rumors of the MOTO X dropping to $99 were true.  This morning the price of the AT&T version of the MOTO X through the Motomaker customization site sported a nice new price of just $99 down for the 16GB versions with 2yr contract($149 for 32GB).  Sprint and US Cellular quickly followed with $99 pricing of their own and we're waiting to see if T-Mo and Verizon do the same.  Now interestingly along with the rumors over a month ago of the price drop we also heard that those much anticipated wood backs would be making an appearance for an extra $50 at the same time as the price drop.  Sadly, there's no sign of them...yet...but we won't be that surprised if we do in the coming days.  So now that you're getting a customized Moto X through Motomaker for $100 less...who's pulling the trigger and going Moto?

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Yea, like Verizon...last to join the party.

As soon as VZW ramps up Moto Maker on Nov 11 ?? then I'm going in...especially if they tail ATT with the price drop.
Even if they don't, well that Nexus 5 by LG might be show'n its teeth by then.

Ah,  I'm stick'n with Red.


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