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Author Topic: AT&T Motomaker Exclusivity Coming To An End- @evleaks Shows Multi-Carrier Screen  (Read 1081 times)

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Well it's been a fun ride for AT&T and their Moto X Motomaker exlusivity.  As the major launch partner with Motorola on their new flagship handset the company had first...and exclusive dibs on the innovative design it yourself Moto X configuration site better known as 'Motomaker'.  However this exclusivity seems to be about an end if a number of recent leaks including the above and below pictures released by @evleaks are to be believed.  We've already reported that all three other major carriers would be receiving Motomaker access sometime during the next week and the above image clearly shows a marketing image of Verizon Moto Xs in various colors and accents that are only available on Motomaker.  In addition, the below image shows before (AT&T only) and after (Sprint, Verizon and T-Mo added) images of what is purported to be a screenshot of a multi-carrier screen from Motomaker which will be how you choose your carrier when you go to the site.  We still don't have an official company announcement as to just when Motomaker will open up but we think the announcement of their new phone, the Moto G, on this Wednesday, November 13th might be as good a time as any. 

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