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Author Topic: Bamboo Wood Back Option Arrives For Moto X, Will Set You Back $100  (Read 1055 times)

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It's here...well sort of.  Today Motomaker, the online customization tool for designing your MOTO X is Finally allowing you to choose a wood back option for your phone.  Now only one option is available right now...Bamboo, and it'll cost you $100 extra for the priviledge.   Now of course we know that four wood options have been teased over the past months.   In addition to the aforementioned Bamboo, Ebony, Teak and Rosewood have all been shown and we still expect to get those options before long.   We also had heard rumors that the wood option would cost $50 extra, and alas, we don't know if the $100 price being charged for now is permanent or only for early adopters.  Only time will tell.  There is a bit of a wait as well to get the wood back.  A 14 day wait time to be specific.  Perhaps they're carving this up one by one.  For those that don't mind paying the premium, the bamboo really looks awesome and we're eager to get our hands on one.   We also can't wait for the additional wood options to be made available.


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