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Author Topic: Did A Moto X Phone Prototype Leak In This Video Released In March?  (Read 1385 times)

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Ladies and gents, what you're watching up above is a video that was released by the Vietnamese website back this past March but which only recently has been linked to the Motorola X phone, better known as the Moto X.   Back when the video was released it was thought to be just another Motorola prototype but the website Engadget was tipped off that this might have been an early prototype of the Moto X.  Now we don't speak Vietnamese so if anyone out there in the forum could translate what the presenter is saying it would be much appreciated.  Even without a translator however we can see he points out the MicroUSB port on the bottom, the camera, flash and Motorola logo on the back and also seems to spend a great deal of time pointing out the edge to edge screen and on-screen buttons.  Interestingly, he holds the phone up against an iPhone 5 and while the screen certainly is wider, the phone doesn't appear to be that much larger or longer...yet it is obviously a much bigger screen...probably 4.7 inches.  The phone is almost iPhone 5 sized but with such a large screen due to the almost nonexistent bezel.  Very nice.

Now while the phone does look eerily similar to the recent Moto X pics we've seen lately, hardware might have changed since this early video and thus we'd still take it with a grain of salt.  Also, clearly we are seeing the stock black version so we still don't have mention of the extent of customization that will be available, which is a highlight feature of the phone.  Also, we know software optimizations with the use of contextual actions and sensors will be a big part of the Moto X's appeal.  Still, it's an interesting video to watch and should give us a nice idea of what the Moto X will be like.

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Re: Did A Moto X Phone Prototype Leak In This Video Released In March?
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Here is a English translated version that was up on Youtube.

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Re: Did A Moto X Phone Prototype Leak In This Video Released In March?
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Thanks for the english version brother..
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