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Author Topic: Guy Kawasaki, Moto X Evangelist And Motorola Adviser Unboxes His Moto X  (Read 1591 times)

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Guy Kawasaki is somewhat of a legend in silicon valley.  First as the legendary marketer of some of Apple's biggest products and then as an author and all around marketing guru and tech enthusiast and personality.  Well, for the past year or so he's been an adviser to Motorola and he's been a big evangelist of the Moto X issuing many a leak as well as photos and videos taken with his own Moto X device as we run up to the official launch.  This latest video, posted above, shows Guy unboxing his customized Moto X designed with Motomaker.  The slow mo video shows his Yellow back, white front and black accent Moto X as he receives it after only 4 days via fedex and complete with his own personalized signature on the back.  It's just a few more days to go before we'll all be able to order our customized Moto X's via AT&T or black and white versions from other carriers.  You excited yet?
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