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Author Topic: Leaked Moto X Vid Shows Always On Voice Commands/CPU Test Shows Snapdragon 600?  (Read 1707 times)

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The Moto X leaks are continuing fast and furious with the latest coming from Reddit user kronikbudz who gives us not one, but two videos showing off a Moto X Phone.  In the first he demonstrates the always on Google Now voice feature on the Moto X will enable you to unlock your phone and give it commands via voice...without even touching the phone.  In the 2nd video we see the user putting the Moto X through a CPU test that surprisingly comes out with a result that opens up the question of if the Snapdragon S4 Pro rumors were true or if in fact the Moto X has a Snapdragon 600.  It seems while the model number of the CPU coordinates with a new version of the S4, the speed suggests it might in fact be a 600...but the CPU benchmark program might just not recognize the new chipset yet.   

Regardless, if it IS an S4 it is running along with the Adreno 32O GPU and showing the same kind of speeds that a Snapdragon 600 runs what it's called might not make a difference.   The bottom line is the Moto X should be as fast as any class-leading phone out there such as the Galaxy S4 or HTC One or iPhone.  A lot of Moto fans will breathe a sigh of relief at this news because it shows that the Moto X will be a high end device afterall, and not a mid-ranger at least in terms of performance.   We don't know about you but we're getting more and more excited about the Moto X!

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I am def excited...
I am the Droid your looking for.