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Author Topic: MKBHD Gives An Awesome Review Of The Moto X + Moto X Features Explained!  (Read 1266 times)

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MKBHD, aka, Marques Brownlee is an uber popular tech reviewer and for good reason.  He's smart, funny and knows his tech like nobody's business.  I thought with the holiday season upon us and so many folks considering the purchase of a new cell phone it would be an appropriate time to spotlight Marques' Moto X review as well as his 'Moto X:  Features Explained' videos.  While initially recorded shortly after the Moto X's introduction these are two of the best videos I can think of to watch to really give you a good overall knowledge of just what the strengths and design philosophy are regarding the Moto X. 

Marques really 'gets' Motorola's thought process when it came about designing the phone and you can tell he's a huge fan of the device.  That's pretty impressive when you realize that he reviews and has access to literally every major phone released out there by every manufacturer.  In fact, just this morning in an interview with Motorola's CEO Dennis Woodside he revealed he's still a huge fan of the Moto X months after its initial release.  Definitely a couple of worthwhile videos to watch so let me know what you think in the comments.

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