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Author Topic: Mobile Tech Review Smackdown Of the LG G4 vs. Moto X Pure  (Read 3287 times)

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Mobile Tech Review Smackdown Of the LG G4 vs. Moto X Pure
« on: January 23, 2016, 02:51:02 AM »
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Mobile Tech Review's Lisa Gade put the LG G4 against Motorola's newest Moto X, the Moto X Pure also called the Style outside of the U.S.  Both phones feature similar processors, the Snapdragon 808 as well as large QHD screens with the G4 at 5.5 inches and the Moto X at 5.7 inches.  So what did Lisa think?  Well it's a tough call to be honest.  While Lisa seems to prefer the G4 in more areas, there were a point or two that went to the Moto X.  Let's start off with the negatives of the G4.  The Moto X did have a slightly brighter screen and the screen size is .2 inches larger for those that like that.  The Moto X also features some of Moto's trademark gimmicks such as starting the camera with a shake of the camera as well as the nice optional wooden back. Lastly the Moto X features almost pure a very, very light customization that isn't nearly as in-depth as LG's skin. 

So what about the G4?  Well just about everything else came out ahead. Starting with the phone itself, the G4 is lighter and has a slightly smaller footprint, and is easier to hold.  Next, the battery of the G4 lasted a good 45 minutes longer of screen on time even though both sport the same 3000mAh size battery.  Another win was with the camera with Lisa noting the G4 takes better low light photos and also better video, making good use of the optical image stabilization that the Moto X lacks.  The manual mode on the camera also is a boon for the G4.  Finally, the button placement on both phones really comes down to preference with the G4's on the back and the Moto X a more traditional side placement.  Overall, however it seems that Lisa prefers the camera so much on the G4 that it takes the prize for her, but frankly it's pretty close and if screen brightness is of paramount importance the Moto X could be a solid choice as well.

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