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Author Topic: Moto X Gets The iFixit Teardown Treatment And Shows The Sexy Details Of X8  (Read 1269 times)

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For those unfamiliar, an iFixit teardown has become somewhat of a tradition for all new mobile devices.  The company, which tries to determine a repairability rating by seeing how easy a device comes apart, also invariably becomes a virtual parts list as they disassemble the Moto X piece by glorious piece, chip by chip and screw by screw.  The Moto X is a particularly interesting teardown since it has a number of customized parts and chips that we haven't seen in previous devices...most notably that Motorola X8 Mobile Computing System. 

Now two of the most talked about parts of the Moto X are the aforementioned X8 Mobile Computing System and the battery.  What's interesting is that Motorola thinks so much of their X8 platform they actually clearly labelled all the circuitry it considers part of it inside the phone itself.  Now once this covering is removed we see the actual chips below.  The battery on the otherhand,  the 2200 mAh lithium ion variety at 3.8 volts looks fairly ordinary to our eyes. 

The motherboard, front and back can be seen above and it contains all the major chips of the Moto X, sans the camera module and antennae.  There's a lot to see here and for those wanting detailed info of all the chips here's a color-coded guide to what you're looking at. 

Finally we see the entire exploded view of the Moto X with all the parts that go into making this interesting device.  iFixit gives it an overall repairability score of 7 out of 10, which is pretty darn ifixit friendly.  What it means is that while you probably don't want to open the phone itself, there's a good possibility an experienced mobile phone repair expert could get in there and change out a battery or cracked screen.  There's a ton more information on the iFixit site at the link below.  If you're really interested on all the detailed innards and how it's all packaged together, we definitely recommend taking a look at it.

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Wow...battery replacement would be tricky. Umm  I'd pass but 7 out of 10 repair rating means that it's not THAT difficult for them. Just hope Motorola's battery supplier furnishes a good long lasting battery. If the Moto X takes off, someone might do well with a RnR battery business. The rest of the pics ... nice!
On a side note..I'm going to saddle up and visit ATnT this week to see if they got their shipment of X's in for viewing/handling.


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