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Author Topic: Moto X Hits Europe! Arrives In UK, France & Germany February 1st  (Read 1177 times)

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So you've been staring across that great big Atlantic for the past 6 months salivating over the touchless controls, perfectly hand molded design, discreet notifications and other Moto X features of Motorola's flagship smartphone.   Sure, the Moto G, the little brother has been available for a few weeks now but come February 1st you'll finally be able to get your hands on your own Moto X in the UK, France and Germany.  Available in black and white models, with the white being exclusive to certain carriers pricing will be 380 off contract or about 25 per month on.  Now at first the customization of Motomaker will not be available but Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside says it is soon as they can work out how to deliver the units in the same 4 day time window as they do currently in the U.S.   So who out there over in euro-land is planning on picking up their own Moto X? 

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