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Author Topic: Moto X Phone Screen Confirmed At 4.7 Inches/CPU-Z Test Shows Sensors Galore  (Read 3340 times)

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Well it looks like we have visual confirmation that the Moto X display is a 4.7 inch affair and running at a 720 x 1184 resolution if the CPU-Z test below is accurate.  The above and below images were submitted by a mysterious AT&T Moto X user on the XDA Developers Forum.  You can see how the super thin side bezel's and relatively small top and bottom ones make this a very compact phone...almost iPhone 5 in length and slightly wider.  Very pocketable and yet with a generous 4.7 inch screen to boot. This should prove very popular.

In further news this mysterious Moto X owner sent the following shots of a CPU-Z test he ran on his phone to Brian Klug over at Anandtech who them posted them.  What we see are a boatload of specs of the Moto X Phone.   Some of the highlights are that this is in fact a dual core Krait powered Snapdragon S4 running at 1.73 GHz.  The processor model is listed at msm8960dt and the GPU is the Adreno 320.   The super fast benchmarks we showed yesterday have led some to believe that this might be some kind of custom dual core variant  of a Snapdragon 600...or at least a highly customized S4 Pro.  I guess we'll have to wait for the official announcement to find out for sure.  Regardless, it appears to be a very fast chip.

The other notable thing about the CPU-Z test is the sheer number of sensors detected in the Moto X which includes the typical and not so typics.  They include... accelerometer, gyroscope, pressure, 3-axis magnetic field, orientation, temperature, light, linear acceleration, gravity, display rotation, display brightness, proximity, rotation vector, dock, flat up, flat down, stowed and camera activation.  You can see by this list that this is no ordinary phone and we're very curious as to some of the neat tricks Motorola and Google have programmed into the software in order to take advantage of some of these.   In addition to the camera shake, we've heard rumors of a driving mode that would be autodetected with the linear acceleration sensor and other such niceties. You can see the full CPU-Z results below.  Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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hmm..looks pretty neat to me.
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Me too...that 4.7 inch screen is just right for tired old eyes.   :o


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