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Author Topic: Moto X Software Features Detailed: Phone Locator, Migrate, Assist And More  (Read 2908 times)

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Much more detailed information is becoming known about the software innards of the Moto X Phone.  Thanks to the site AndroidPolice we've got a breakdown of what appears to be a series of customized applets, some that also appear on the new Droid lineup and some that appear to be unique to the Moto X alone. 

Motorola Assist

Starting with the image above we have Motorola Assist, which appears to be a gussied up version of Motorola's Smart Actions app but which could be more...we'll know when the phone is demo'd at the announcement.  As it stands now 'Motorola Assist' allows you to choose a use scenario such as in the car, at home, at work or at a particular time of day to customize some of the functions of the Moto X. 

Active Display

Next up we have 'Active Display' which allows the phone to take advantage of the capaibility of an AMOLED display to turn on only select pixels to display notifications. (yes, this all but assures that the Moto X will have an AMOLED display).   This was shown during the Droid introduction today and looks pretty cool.  It enables the phone to show notifications without have to wake up the entire screen and phone.

Touchless Control

'Touchless Control' is the much ballyhooed feature we saw in the leaked Rogers video.  You can tell your phone to perform functions without even waking the phone first.  It's always listening.   Not only that, you can train the phone to only recognize your voice, thus acting as a form of security against others using your device. 

Motorola Connect

This is another feature carried over from the Droid announcement.  It's basically a Chrome extension that sends text message and call notifications from your phone to your PC.

Motorola Migrate

'Motorola Migrate' sounds like a cool feature that also appears to be exclusive only to the Moto X.  It allows you to easily migrate all sorts of information, even text messages and contacts on a Sim Card from your old phone to your Moto X. 

Motorola Device ID

Finally, we have what I think is the best...and longest awaited built-in feature for an Android phone...'Motorola Device ID', which is basically a phone locator app and website called 'Lost Phone Web Portal' that will allow you to track a lost phone.  We would imagine that once on the portal you'll have further options to lock down or track your phone.  This also appears to be a Moto X exclusive app and service. 

Now, all of this is pretty exciting stuff we think...and there will probably be much more come the phone's introduction next week.


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Not sure if I would consider it bloatware.  Most of it actually looks useful, something I would use day to day.  Of course, a dandelion is a weed to some and a pretty flower to others, but a corpse flower will always smell like rotting meat no matter how rare the bloom.

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Offline Ziggy

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This looks interesting. Went over to AndriodPolice to check out what they say about the software features. Guessing that the Droids VZW gets has most of these tricks with the Moto x getting a few more. Have to wait til Aug 1 for it to be official.
Tnx Bfm for the info. I'm with you about it should be interesting!  ;)

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I agree..i think its useful.
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This is just a watered down version of Tasker..

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I think this software will be very useful and not considered bloatware.  In fact, it is one of the many reasons why I want to get the Moto X and excited about the features Motorola is placing on the device.  I think the other phones that have something similar to this is Samsung and iPhone.  Samsung Galaxy has something called Dormant mode for quiet nights but I'm not sure if it works consistenly, my co worker tried to demonstrate it with his phone and it was inconsistent.  iPhone has the same feature for silencing all notifications unless they are on a whitelist.  I can't tell you how many apps I have attempted to install to do the same thing and were all mostly either inconsistant or the whitelist part did not work correctly.  My friend has smart actions on his Droid Razr Maxx and it works so good.  Can't wait to get my Moto X with these features.