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Title: Moto X4: The Reviews
Post by: Babyfacemagee on November 24, 2017, 12:45:12 AM

So after a year without X, we finally have the new Moto X4 and a lot of people are excited about Lenovo coming back to the X brand.  When the X4 was first shown a few months ago there was some genuine excitement for the new model.  While it didn't offer the customizations that the previous X series was known for it did offer a fresh, clean look, a nice dual lens camera, a headphone jack and perhaps most popular of all, a wallet friendly price about half of what many of the flagship competitors are selling for.  So now that it's been released and the major tech blogs and mags have had a chance to play with it in-depth, what do they think of the Moto X4?  Well, we've included some of the best video reviews in this post so you can see for yourself.  Up above we have Android Authority and below we have some others from popular tech bloggers like Flossy Carter and and Phone Arena.  Let us know what you think yourself in the comments below and if you'll  be picking up one.

Title: Re: Moto X4: The Reviews
Post by: Nathaniel on February 01, 2018, 02:38:51 AM
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