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Author Topic: Motomaker Customization Now Open To All Carriers! Engraving Returns!  (Read 1547 times)

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When the Moto X was first announced and its customized 'designed by you' process explained, many were disappointed that two of the most desired features were not to be available to most of the consumer masses.  First was the fact that AT&T had an exclusive on the Motomaker customization that let you pair a ton of color options for the back covers and accents of the Moto X, and then we also soon learned that the custom engraving option was being held back because of quality issues. 

Well I'm happy to say that for all those that have held out your days of longing are over.  Motorola has officially announced that Motomaker customization is open to all major carriers.  If you go to the Motomaker site you can choose your carrier from Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile.  As an added bonus it looks like Motorola has perfected the engraving process that was causing them issues early on and you can now inscribe your new phone with the custom saying, comment or name of your choice.  Another added bit of news is that you can also order the 32GB option through any carrier.  Previously you were limited to just AT&T.  There's still no word on those wood backs that we've been looking forward to, but considering the recent $100 price drop and the opening up of Motomaker we think the Moto X's time might have just arrived. 

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