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Author Topic: Motomaker Now Open And Live For All AT&T Customers - No Card Required  (Read 942 times)

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Well it looks like AT&T and Motorola have decided to streamline the process to get your Moto X.  Up until today, since launch, you've had to go to your local AT&T store and after plunking down some cash and entering a contract you'd be given a special Moto X card with a redemption code.  You'd then have to go home, go to the Motomaker site on your PC and enter the code in order to continue with your order and use the Motomaker customization process.  Well starting today I'm happy to say that these cards are no longer necessary. 

Now if you're a current or future AT&T customer you can simply bypass the retail store altogether and just go to and start shopping for your phone!  Now you can buy a Moto X outright with no contract for $579 or you can get the 16GB model for $199 with a 2/yr contract or 32GB model for $249 with 2/yr contract.  Of course the funnest part of all is designing your own the woven black with orange highlights I designed above.  I also through in a clear Snap Case by 'Incase' so I can appreciate my work of art.  As we've mentioned before, after you receive your custom Moto X you have a 14 day window to return it (30 days in CA).  But of course you'll be so in love with your custom masterpiece why would you want to do that?

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Re: Motomaker Now Open And Live For All AT&T Customers - No Card Required
« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2013, 07:35:01 PM »
Now just hope that VZW will follow suit and jump in maybe in Sept or at the latest October. Still feel unless they have streamlined the production process and can pump out xxx number of phones per week, it might be a little muddy there in Texas.

I'm an optimist  ;D


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