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Author Topic: Motorola Drops Price Of Moto X To $399.99 With No Contract - Happy New Year!  (Read 1423 times)

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As a New Year's present to us all...and undoubtedly to kickstart sales of their customizable phone, Motorola has just announced they have dropped the price of the Moto X on any carrier to just $ contract required.  That's a $150 price cut from the $549.99 price the Moto X was introduced at.  This new $399.99 price is for any model you make even on Motomaker without a contract as well as the standard black and white versions.   The only exception being the $100 extra fee for a bamboo backed Moto X will now cost you $499.99.     Of course if you do want to sign up for a two year contract you can get your Moto X for a cool $100 through Motomaker on any of the major carriers.  It'll be interesting to see if this price drop spurs further sales of the most customizable phone around.

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