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Author Topic: Motorola Offers Moto X Trade-In Program Plus 30% Off Accessories!  (Read 1633 times)

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It looks like Motorola is making a full court press to get buyers to take the leap to a new Moto X.   Not only have they launched a trade-in program where you can get cash for your old phone if you buy a Moto X but they're also offering 30% off most accessories available through Motomaker.  Now in order to get some decent cash for your existing phone it'll have to be in good working condition.  You enter in the make and model and a couple of questions about its condition and the site then spits out a value.  As for the 30% discount offer it applies to most, although not all accessories on the Motomaker site and the sale runs through 11/27.  With the recent price cuts and deals available this might be the right time to make the leap!

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Re: Motorola Offers Moto X Trade-In Program Plus 30% Off Accessories!
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2013, 12:50:02 PM »
Well got my Moto X (Cement back / black front /black acc) and after seeing this trade-in program, for giggles went to see how much they would give me for the 'ole HTC Rez...$10 and it's in mint, better than new, condition. Seen some people on Swappa get $100 for one.

Ha...think I'll hang on to the old gal...and just LOVE this Moto X  ;)


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