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Author Topic: Motorola Tweets Out Moto X, Aug 1 Wallpaper + Rumor: Moto X Available This Week?  (Read 1642 times)

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A couple of interesting developments today that seem to go hand in hand.  First Motorola changes its wallpaper on its Twitter page to a black background that simply says 'Moto X, August 1, 2013.   They also tweeted out the apparent announcement to keep the never ending hype surrounding their upcoming hero device rolling. 

Which brings us to our next rumor...which originally started with the infamous Taylor Wimberly but that now seems to have received some possible corroborative evidence from some other sources.  That rumor is that Motorola and Google plan to make the Moto X available for purchase the same day as the announcement...August 1st, which is of course this Thursday.

Just got some crazy info. Unverified source tells me Moto X ships to US carriers on 7/29 (tomorrow)! If this is true then it might go on sale this week after the big reveal. Trying to verify info with some other sources.
- Taylor Wimberly

Now apparently phone carriers are rumored to be receiving black and white versions of the Moto X as we speak and over the next several days.  The much discussed 'customized' Moto X's, where you'll be able to mix and match colors and possibly materials will have to be ordered online...but presumedly that ordering process will also open up on August 1. 

Now there's no hard evidence to all this.  It appears to be strategically leaked info from some sources close to or inside the company.  But it would make sense that this is the strategy that the company is following, especially in light of Google's Chromecast being made available the same day it was announced and even the New Nexus 7 having its initial availability date of July 30th pushed way up to the day after the announcement.  We'll post any updated info on this as soon as we get it.

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"Now there's no hard evidence to all this..."

Thought I'd take it to my VZW Authorized Agent who works out of .... a small camera store. On my way back to work from lunch I dropped in and asked him what he knows about the Motorola Moto-X. "You're the first person that has asked about it." "Have you heard any stories/rumors about receiving a shipment of these phones to sell on or after August 1?", I asked. "Haven't heard anything other than a big to-do in NYC on August 1." Ooook, I thought. " I'll put you down for one" he said. This is a 1 horse town I live in where everyone knows everyone's business so you have to be careful. I've known this person though for over 20 years and he's been with VZW for probably 12+. I'll take his word. Otherwise if I get stuck with a lot of salt,  I'll be back to the forum for directions on how to get one.

Maybe with the Moto Magic Glass I'll not need a case but since I'm all thumbs, better to be safe than sad. He does sell cases.

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I hear you Ziggy. I was talking to VZW customer service to help my brother-in-law acivate his new phone. While waiting for activation, I slipped the question. She knew nothing of the Moto X, she even looked in the system.

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