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Author Topic: Republic Wireless Offering Moto X For $299 With No Contract Starting In November  (Read 1788 times)

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Yep, you read that right.  Republic Wireless, the lower cost, wi-fi centric cell phone service that, let's be honest here...does things a little differently...is offering their own version of the Moto X for only $299 off-contract.   The company offers several low cost service plans beginning at only $5 a month, with $10, $25 and $40 each offering incremental upgrades in service and capabilities.  Sound too good to be true?  Well it might or might not be depending on how often you have Wi-Fi access for your phone. You see Republic Wireless offers an innovative hybrid service whereby as much calling as possible is done through Wi-Fi and cellular networks are only used when necessary with your phone piggybacking on Sprint's network.  Each plan from $5 up to $40 offers additional services such as 3G and 4G service.  Here's the lowdown straight from their Moto X plan page:

$5 Wi-Fi only plan
This is the most powerful tool in your arsenal of options. Why? You can drop your smartphone bill óat willó to $5. If youíre interested in getting serious about cutting costs, you can use this tool to best leverage the Wi-Fi in your life to reduce your phone bill. Itís also the ultimate plan for home base stickers and kids who donít need a cellular plan. Itís fully unlimited data, talk and text óon Wi-Fi only.

 $10 Wi-Fi + Cell Talk & Text
One of our members, 10thdoctor said :  ďI use WiFi for everything, except when I'm traveling and for voice at my school.Ē Yep, this is the perfect plan for that. Our members are around Wi-Fi about 90% of the time. During that 10% of the time where youíre away from Wi-Fi, this plan gives you cellular backup for communicating when you need to. This plan both cuts costs and accommodates whatís quickly becoming the norm: a day filled with Wi-Fi.

$25 Wi-Fi + Cell (3G) Talk, Text & Data
Lots of people are on 3G plans today and are paying upwards of $100 a month on their smartphone bills. Thatís nuts. This plan is here for you during the times when you need the backup of cell data. For folks who want to surf Facebook and check email in the car (as a passenger!) or who travel regularly for work, this option lets them enjoy all the benefits of Wi-Fi with the luxury of 3G cellular data. You may find you only want this cellular back up part of the month óno problem! Switching during the month to the $5 or $10 plan is easy, and is a great way to keep more money in your wallet.

 $40 Wi-Fi + Cell (4G) Talk, Text & Data
We heard you tell us that you wanted a super fast option, so we added this arrow to your quiver. This plan is here for you when youíve got a road warrior kind of month, and youíve got a serious need for speed. Have to get work done on a long train ride? And need to work fast? This is your guy. Just like the other plans, itís just a few clicks away.

Now how bout that $299 Moto X?  When can you get it?   Well the company says that testing of the special hybrid Moto X that will support their service is going through final certification as we speak and should be available by the November launch date.  Anyone out there in the forums tried Republic Wireless yet?

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Yap!  This is the one that I'll be going for.  I'm all signed up on their mailing list to know when they first release them.  I'm hoping the Verizon network will serve me well when traveling.  My current T-mo network is the pits here at home and works on and off while away...

I'd be very interested in hearing from any others that sign up with Repulic when the X premires with that carrier.


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<coming down off the fence>

Not in my neck of the woods.
The price though sounds real SWEET.



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