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Author Topic: Squaretrade: Moto X Beats Out Other Leading Smartphones In Drop/Soak Test  (Read 1356 times)

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Some of you might be familiar with Squaretrade.  They provide damage insurance for all kinds of electronic and mobile devices including phones and tablets as well as PCs.  Over the past few years the company has made quite a name for itself by doing orchestrated 'drop tests' as a way of showing which phones are the most durable...and also pitching their device insurance.   Their latest challenge was just held a few days ago and pitted four of the leading smartphones out today against each other including the brand new iPhone 5S and 5C, the Galaxy S4 and of course our personal fave...the Moto X.   

Now to cut to the chase...the Moto X basically beat all comers.  the iPhone 5S put up a good 2nd place finish, but that slick metal back let it lose the slide test, which is supposed to simulate how easily a phone can slip off a table or flat surface if put down.   The Moto X survived everything...most notably the drop test, in which it came out with just a slight scrape on the edge.  The Moto X supposedly has a water resistant coating over its electronics and thus I wasn't surprised to see it come out unscathed from the dunk test.   

To be honest I'm surprised that Motorola doesn't use this water resistant feature in more of its's not even mentioned in any of the literature that I know of.   Anyway, it's nice to know that the Moto X not only stands up to the competition when it comes to the built quality of the beats the competition.  Go Moto X!

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