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Author Topic: Tour The Moto X Factory In Fort Worth, Texas Via Google Street View  (Read 781 times)

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From the introduction of the Moto X we've heard much about how this is the first smartphone assembled in the good old U S of A and Motorola hasn't been shy in trumpeting that fact in their marketing for their new flagship phone.   The Moto X is assembled in a factory located in Fort Worth, Texas that currently employees over 2000 American workers and growing.   The facility is operated by contract manufacturer Flextronics and if you've been wondering how Motorola's facility (formerly a Nokia plant) looks on the inside you can roam around to your heart's content using the link below on Google Maps.   While you won't exactly get a guided tour, you will get the gist that this is a huge operation with thousands of workers orchestrating the assembly in a building larger than a football field...or two.  Google and Motorola created the 'virtual destination' on Google Maps in celebration for the official grand opening of the facility which took place earlier today.   The factory currently churns out 100,000 Moto X phones a week...and this is just the start as they ramp up production for even loftier goals.    Hit the link below to take a tour of the Moto X Factory in Texas.

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