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Author Topic: Sprint Getting Motomaker Customization For MOTO X On Nov 11 - Same As Verizon  (Read 1245 times)

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There was many a ruffled feather and scratched head when Motorola announced that Motomaker customization of their flagship phone, the MOTO X would be an AT&T exclusive on launch just a few short months ago.  We were promised that 'some time in the near future' other carriers would gain access to the online tool that lets you choose from thousands of color and accent combinations to make the phone truly unique.  Well it looks like that time is finally approaching folks and those that have held out until Motomaker was available for both the Verizon and Sprint networks will be rewarded for their patience come November 11th, just a week away. 

Our excitement began from news via @evleaks who not long ago let slip that Verizon would be gaining Motomaker access on the 11th of this month and today we've got the below memo which went out to Sprint employees and seems to confirm the 'Now' network will be gaining access the same day.  There's still no word on the availability of the wood backs or custom engraving which are both expected soon but this should open up the world of customized phones to a whole lot of new folks come next week.

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