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Author Topic: Wall Street Journal: Motorola/Google To Spend $500 Million To Market Moto X  (Read 1129 times)

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A report from the Wall Street Journal today states that Google, in support of Motorola's Moto X Phone plans to let the company spend upwards of half a billion dollars to market the device both in the United States and select overseas markets such as Europe.   The device is expected to launch on all four major carriers simultaneously here in the states...Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile, in part in order to take advantage of the mega marketing blitz and support the Moto X will be getting.  The report goes on to say that the company's have convinced carriers to put a minimal amount of software 'bloat' on the device which hints that the Moto X will be a very near pure Android experience.  Good news for fans of the OS. 

As previously reported the Moto X will have a unique customization option that lets the user choose color combinations from a selection for the front and rear of the device.  Pricing is said to be comparable with competing handsets such as the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4 which means we may be looking at prices of about $199 on contract and $599 off.  Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside implied in recent statements that the cost of the company's phones would go down in time as the company wouldn't be as concerned with inflating prices and milking profits from the hardware.  This would make sense, since as a Google company the primary purpose of the phones is to get them in as many hands as possible so that users can then access Google's services and sites such as search, gmail, maps etc. 

Interestingly the article points out that Samsung spent about $401 million and Apple $333 million in the previous year to market their devices.  If this report is accurate, Google plans to spend more than that to market the Moto X just by itself.  Finally, in addition to the already reported device features such as contextual awareness and long battery life the author says that the company plans future versions of the Moto X that will be even more impressive than the initial version and thus is convinced it will achieve success...even if it takes the crowded mobile phone market.  It appears that the Moto X name will become a mainstay of the company for some years to come.  Full article at the link

Wall Street Journal

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