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Author Topic: You Can Now Unlock Your Moto X By Speaking Your PIN Code Out Loud  (Read 1449 times)

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Yep, it's true.  This latest update to the MOTO X let's you unlock your phone by literally speaking your unlock code out loud.  Of course you'll want to look over your shoulder and check that nobody's easedropping before you actually do that unless you want your code to not be so secret anymore.  The Touchless Control App has been updated and in addition to being able to unlock your Moto X from afar there's also expanded Google Now voice commands that work while the handset is sleeping.  Now this update to the Touchless Control App only works on Moto Xs that have been upgraded to Android 4.4 KitKat, but if yours is you can grab the new app in the Google Play Store at the link below.

Touchless Control App
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