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Hey guys, I just wanted to show you guys a quick look at my new flip cover for my Moto X. Coupled with the Active Display of the Moto X, it gives you a bit of a "smart cover" feel.


Your link isn't working.  To show a video, past the entire url of the video inside the 'insert embed' tags on the menu when you're writing a post.  It's the button two over from the red flash button on the bottom row right next to the blue and white 'V' vimeo button.  Once you do that you can adjust the 'size' of the embedded video by matching the screen size numbers to the video you posted.  The tag looks like this:  [ embed=425,349 ]full youtube url here[ /embed ] with the extra spaces taken out.

Interesting, it's showing up for me.

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works for me too but I'm on my phone using tapatalk

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Its does not work for me.

Sent from Tab, AJ


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