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Title: Xt1557 flash file need
Post by: Juhab on August 29, 2017, 12:48:29 PM
(bootloader) max-download-size: 268435456
(bootloader) reason: UTAG "bootmode" configured as fastboot
(bootloader) imei: 352359072398450
(bootloader) meid:
(bootloader) date: 11-29-2015
(bootloader) sku: XT1557
(bootloader) battid: SNN5967A
(bootloader) iccid:
(bootloader) cust_md5:
(bootloader) max-sparse-size: 268435456
(bootloader) current-time: "Thu Apr 20 11:42:51 UTC 2017"
(bootloader)[0]: motorola/merlin_retasia/merlin:6.0
(bootloader)[1]: .1/MPDS24.107-56-1-17/24:user/rele
(bootloader)[2]: ase-keys
(bootloader)[0]: Blur_Version.24.226.17.merlin_ret
(bootloader)[1]: asia.retasia.en.03
(bootloader)[0]: AU_LINUX_ANDROID_LA.BR.1.1.3_RB1.
(bootloader) version-baseband: <not available>
(bootloader) kernel.version[0]: Linux version 3.10.49-g34811d1 (hudsoncm
(bootloader) kernel.version[1]: @ilclbld71) (gcc version 4.8 (GCC) ) #1
(bootloader) kernel.version[2]: SMP PREEMPT Wed Apr 19 06:33:03 CDT 2017
(bootloader) sbl1.git: git=MBM-NG-V80.EE-0-g7abea31
(bootloader) rpm.git: git=MBM-NG-V80.EE-0-g932f716
(bootloader) tz.git: git=MBM-NG-V80.EE-0-g2649adf
(bootloader) hyp.git: git=MBM-NG-V80.EE-0-g2649adf
(bootloader) aboot.git: git=MBM-NG-V80.EE-0-g56937ee
(bootloader) qe: qe 1/1
(bootloader) frp-state: protected (75)
(bootloader) ro.carrier: retin
all: listed above
Execution time is 321(ms)


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