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Author Topic: Dev edition on AT&T vs T-Mobile version vs. buying custom plastics  (Read 1111 times)

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Any idea if the T-Mobile and AT&T versions will be the same radios just locked to their respective networks?

I'd consider getting the AT&T Dev edition (with unlocked bootloader) if it comes out soon, so I can get the custom colors, and then run it on T-Mobile when my AT&T contract is up.

I won't do another 2 years with AT&T. I'm locked to them at the moment do to where I live but I am moving to a place where TMO has better signal (and plans) fairly soon.

Alternatively ... any word if AT&T's MotoMaker program (I know, it is owned by Moto, but AT&T gets it exclusive for awhile) will allow us to buy new plastics only so that we can change out our designs over time? That could open up some options.