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Email message deleted on phone marked as "unread" in Exchange Deleted Items


I have a user that has the Moto X (Android v4.2.2) who has his corporate Exchange e-mail account on it.  If he opens an e-mail message and then deletes it on his phone, it moves the message to the Trash folder on the phone, marked as read.  The problem is that in Outlook/Exchange, the message is moved to the Deleted Items folder but marked as unread.  How can we fix this?  He said this didn't happen with his last Android phone.

I have 5 email accounts on my Moto X, 3 exchange, 1 Hotmail and 1 Gmail. In all cases deleted emails go into trash or sent folders and stay forever unless individually deleted again.  Gmail is the only exception as it has an empty trash selection while in the trash folder.

This is a pain to maintain. Shouldn't deleted items in the trash folder just delete when you exit email? Is there a setting that I don't know about? I've searched forms with no luck.

This seems to be on topic with the original poster.

Do other users go to separate apps to resolve this?


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