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This board is where adminstrators will post announcements and topics related to the running of the forum as well as new developments and related news.  Please also feel free to offer suggestions here for improvements or new features/boards to make the Moto X Forum even better.

Hi, I'm Rob, aka 'Babyfacemagee', an administrator here at MotoXforum.net  I'm a long-time Android and Motorola aficionado and tech nerd who's always trying out the latest gadget, phone or tablet and the Moto X has me really excited.  I can't wait to find out what new technologies this new Motorola phone is going to include and I hope you'll join me in building this great new community of new Moto X owners.  Please tell us a little bit about yourself including where you're from, your level of Android knowledge and why you're looking forward to the Moto X Phone!


Today at the AllThingsD Conference, Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside revealed that the 'X Phone' is in fact real and will be called the 'Moto X'.  It will be Motorola's flagship phone and will be the first smartphone built in the USA with all assembly taking place in a factory in Fort Worth Texas.  Few details were announced as to the tech specs of the phone but Woodside did reveal it will have an OLED screen and the phone will be 'intelligent' with a heavy reliance on various sensors, saying:

"we know when it's in your pocket, we know when it's in your hand, it's going to know when you want to take a picture and fire up the cameras." It'll know when you're in the car, for instance, and promotes different interactions."

A full press release has been made by the company which is below:

Moto X: The First Smartphone Assembled in the USA

There are more than 130 million smartphones in use in the USA today and not one of them was assembled here...until now.

May 28, 2013  Danielle McNally

Today at the AllThingsD conference Dennis Woodside revealed how we are reinventing Motorola through a portfolio of products starting with Moto X, a new flagship smartphone that will be designed, engineered and assembled in the USA. We’re not talking about just a handful of units either -- available this summer, every Moto X sold in the USA will be assembled in Fort Worth, Texas, making it the first smartphone ever assembled domestically.

There were a few reasons why we decided to do this. There are several business advantages to having our Illinois and California-based designers and engineers much closer to our factory. For instance, we’ll be able to iterate on design much faster, create a leaner supply chain, respond much more quickly to purchasing trends and demands, and deliver devices to people here much more quickly. And as a part of Google we’re being encouraged to take big bets on things that make a difference.

We still have a network of global operations, and that won’t change. Our global manufacturing partner remains Flextronics and we’ll continue to assemble devices locally in China and Brazil. But Flextronics is busy looking for people for the new Fort Worth facility now. If you’re interested, we encourage you to check the available positions and apply.

This is an incredibly exciting time to be in the mobile device industry. Our role in inventing the mobile phone is well known. We’re happy to be shaping its future as well.


If rumors and information gleamed from Droid-Life and Slashgear are to be believed then we have two more XFON versions...one all wired up for the Sprint Network here in the states and another for Verizon, sliding through FCC certification.  The particular models, Motorola XT1056 and Motorola XT1060 appear to have some pretty impressive specs...at least from their wireless protocols with each including Bluetooth 4.0 and the fastest available LTE from what is revealed in the confidential FCC paperwork.  This Motorola XT1056 appears to have Sprint's LTE protocol while the XT1060 is Verizons.  Both also appear to be sporting the Snapdragon 4 Pro dual-core chip clocked in at 1.7 GHz most likely with the Adreno 320 GPU. 

Now what's not known of course is if this truly is the XFON, some other unrelated Motorola device or if one rumor is correct...the XFON 'Mini' which will be a slightly mid-class phone, smaller in size and designed to be the little brother of the top of the line 'XFON' which will sport high end specs and rumored customization options.  Whichever the case may be...it appears with all these FCC releases we're getting close to some announcement.   What are your guesses???  Let us know in the comments.


Well what have we here?  Is this the XFON that just got submitted to the FCC for certification?  If you believe the leaked phone image on the left is Motorola's new secret device then it just may be.  The picture on the right is from the FCC filing and there's no doubt a heavy resemblance between the two.  Of course there's no confirmation that either is the rumored XFON as it is called, but the suspicious timing of the FCC filing...a mere 5 days before the start of Google's I/O conference does raise an eyebrow or two. 

The phone, sporting model # XT1058 is also equipped with NFC,  Bluetooth 4.0 and 802.11ac.  Another corroborating tidbit is that this model XT1058 appears to support both GSM as well as AT&T's LTE network which also goes along the rumors for the XFON as being a dual mode and SIM device.  Hopefully all will be revealed in next week.   Some other tech details gleamed from the FCC filing linked below is that the XT1058 contains an integrated GPS receiver and is also designed to function as a computer peripheral device (ie wireless hotspot) while connected to a computer.    For more info you can look over the FCC report below.   In the meantime...what do you think fine forum members?



What you see above and below ladies and gentleman are, if you were to go by consensus of the major tech blogs online, genuine pictures of Motorola's soon to be announced 'XPhone'.  While there has been no corroboration from the company, several 'insiders' as well as respected tech pundits have deemed that the above image and the three below are actually the same device, with the three below sporting camouflage in the form of outer cases to hide the real shape of the phone.  Careful examination however shows they all have the Motorola logo and speaker grill in the same place, as well as sporting the same screen dimensions.   Oh, but there's more that's come out.  Just look carefully at the back information tag below which is on the back of the phone shown above.

You can clearly make out XFON ATT, which  has several bloggers believing the phone will indeed be called the XFON.  Now while the screen resolution in these images is apparently 720 hd in the final device it is expected to be 1080 full hd.  Other tidbits that are becoming firmer are the rumors that Motorola and Google want to market the XFON as customizable and while at first processor, memory, camera and software options might not be available (although down the line that probably is the goal), the XFON will be available in perhaps as many as 20+ different colors.

This appears to be the back of the same phone from the top image according to sources.

These three images all appear to be different camouflaged variants of the XFON

Now one final bit of news is that general consensus is that all four major carriers in the US will receive the XFON and it looking more and more likely that an official introduction will be made during Google's I/O Conference next week.   The size of the device is also predicted to be around 4.7 or 4.8 inches...so right in line with the Galaxy S3 and HTC EVO 4G LTE, although the XFON will sport a 1920 x 1080 display.  Stay tuned for more leaks and info as we get it at the Xphoneforum.com

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